Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Menu

I am the type of person that needs to know what I'm going to eat for dinner the next day as I'm eating dinner in the evening. Well, not need...but I like to think about I'm going to make, and if I don't know, I freak out like a small, lost puppy. 

Usually I'm pretty good about creating weekly menus, to stave off lost-puppy-syndrome (henceforth known as LPS, very serious problem). But, for the last few weeks...I've kind of slacked off. So, after reading the Lazy Vegetarian blog, I felt re-inspired. Also, after hearing Tyler respond, "we'll figure it out..." for the millionth time after I've asked what we're going to eat in a frantic tone, I decided I need to restart my process! So here goes: 

Sat D -- Bread, Fruit, and Cheese. Simple, easy, tasty. 
Sun L -- Mexican Salad w/ tortilla chips 
Sun D -- Seitan + sauce + asparagus 
M -- Tofurkey + Quinoa and corn  
T -- Salad w/ field roast with bread and cheese
W -- Indian Mixed veggies and quinoa 
R -- Quesedillas
F -- Lasagna Roll-ups with tofu and other cheese and salad. 

Grocery List -- Cheese, sliced bread, baguette, avocado, frozen corn, apples, bananas, steel cut oats, field roast, tofurkey, milk, green onions, kale, tofu, seitan, asparagus, tortilla chips, carrots.

Now, to grocery shop! 

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