Saturday, August 21, 2010

Room's Ready To for LPs

So after three days of INTENSE work, T- and I finally set my classroom up! It's beautiful...we got rid of so much stuff, and the stuffed away the stuff we couldn't throw away in to a few random cabinets. We have 10 lab benches, so I can sit up 28 students in my class, my Promethean (smart interactive board) was working, and I had bins set up for everyone. I even put out handouts for everyone! Now, I just have to write out a lesson plan for Monday...for my 90 minute and 45 minute classes. 

OHH and it turns out that I'm also teaching/facilitating (they haven't told me yet...) a class that students are taking where they just do work on the computer...and I'm supposed to answer any science questions they have? I'm not sure how it works, but its my 6th period class. 

OHHHHH and I blended together plums + heavy cream + sugar and froze it into little heart ice cube holders, we'll see how they taste, but I hope it's good :-D 

Off to LP. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seriously GOP?

What the hell? 

Let me preface all my statements by saying, I very much believe that building a mosque close to ground-zero is in poor taste, and I would suggest moving it else where. 

That being said, I complete respect and support their right to build that thing wherever they want to. Why? Because of the beautiful 1st amendment. You know, that thing that separates us from, oh, I don't know, the rest of the world.We in America can express our religion, speech, etc. freely -- something you can't legally doing anywhere else.

Some Choice Quotes: 

“Ground zero is hallowed ground to Americans,” Elliott Maynard, a Republican trying to unseat Representative Nick J. Rahall II, a Democrat, in West Virginia’s Third District, said in a typical statement. “Do you think the Muslims would allow a Jewish temple or Christian church to be built in Mecca?”

NO. They would not. WE are different. That is what makes America wonderful and beautiful. It is a country where you can express yourself as you like. I love this country BECAUSE of the 1st amendment. I might not like what people say, but I damn well will support their right to say it.  

“It is very troubling to see President Obama again turning a deaf ear to the thoughts and concerns of a majority of Americans,” said James Renacci, a Republican candidate in Ohio’s 16th District, who said people at a recent public meeting were furious about the mosque proposal.

Actually, it's comforting. His JOB is to embody the constitution, and to lead us down the right path, even when other people can't see it. If he could be swayed easily into not listening to that little document called the constitution, he wouldn't really be a good President, now would he? Don't we all teach our children to stand up for what they know is right even in the face of the harshest critics? Standing his ground in support of the right to build that mosque is a very President-ly act, and should be commended -- especially because it's so unpopular.

But Mr. Gingrich showed no sign of backing down on Monday. “Nazis don’t have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust Museum in Washington,” Mr. Gingrich said on the Fox News program “Fox and Friends.” “We would never accept the Japanese putting up a site next to Pearl Harbor. There’s no reason for us to accept a mosque next to the World Trade Center.”
Really Newt? Really? Hmmm...I do believe that Nazis DO have that right. They wouldn't be popular by any measure, but they do have that right! Because of that wonderful 1st Amendment, once again.  And no, we would not accept some Japanese people putting up a site near Pearl Harbor, we'd probably seriously protest it. BUT, they still have that right in the beautiful, wonderful, and awesome United States of America. So Newt, what I mean is: stop. Just stop. 

In conclusion, G.O.P stop trying to re-write the constitution! Both the 1st and 14th amendment are just fine -- you're just being whiny and silly. 

oh, I also had a good day at work. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

1st Day at School

So everyone was really nice...the science department is super small -- let me see if I can remember all the teachers: it's me, Ms. M (my department head), Ms. B, Ms. G, Mr. S (last year was his first year teaching, so he's all about the giving helpful first year teacher hints..he's also a 9th grade Bio teacher), Mr. M (physics), and Coach something or another who teaches IPC I think. Anyways, of course everyone was going to be nice on the first day. 

What seriously surprised me is that we have resources! I mean I have to go back to Target to return folders I bought for the kids because my Department Head heard my idea about giving each student a binder (well, having them buy one...) and decided to order 750 binders for the enter department, so each kid can get one! It's not because we're doing awesome though -- actually my school is pretty unique..we're doing quite badly. But we won a grant to increase our technology and student resources, so it's 5 million over the next three years! :-D Anyways -- I'm glad I can return that stuff to Target though, because it was mad expensive. 

Oh, I paid my Amica bill today. Seriously, bills make me feel like an adult. A broke adult. 

And my genius idea of making frozen enchiladas in ready to heat foil containers was AWESOME. Tyler and I reheated some of the green enchiladas I made yesterday that were frozen, and it was super easy. I'm really getting on to this whole make - freeze - reheat train :-) 

That's all for now. Early day tomorrow...getting up super early to work out!

Oh, interesting thing for the day:

This woman's website is amazing -- but the strawberry basil lemonade is doubly amazing. For the past three weeks Thop and I make sure our fridge has a supply of this! We may even serve it at our potential cocktail party this weekend...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Interesting Article

An interesting article in the NYTimes today about consumers and happiness. It basically says that material goods don't necessarily make you happy, but spending your money on experiences might be better. It seems like an interesting way to live:  

Anyways, I'm starting this blog so that I can record all the stuff that happens with TFA, post-college life, etc. I don't know if I'll update it well or not, but I've made it private so only the people I invite can see it. So, I've invited the people that matter to me. You can read it to see how my life is going so far, etc. 

So far, I'm concerned about school starting in a week, and how I'm going to get everything ready especially when I only really get one week for my school to tell me what's up. But I have faith, others have done it, I can too.

That's all for now I suppose.

--teacher extraordinaire