Food // vegetarian friendly
Oleana - Arabic influenced food, with Mediterranean and Turkish spices. This place was phenomenal. The plates are small, but just big enough to not dull your palate. Possibly my favorite place in Cambridge. Details: Cambridge, MA. $$$. 5/5

TW Food - Mix of European and American influences. The food and ambiance are an experience here. Again, small plates and food that's a bit different that what you'll normally have (poached egg in a beet soup...but it had a fancier name there). They tend to use local ingredients too...perk! Details: Cambridge, MA. $$$. 3.5/5

Picante - Tex-Mex food. Central Square establishment. Best salsa bar around. NACHOS. So good. Details: Cambridge, MA (central sq). $ 3/5 

Clover Food Lab - Sandwiches, falafel. BBQ Seitan. rosemary fries. It's good for fast food, but I don't know if I'd go out just for it. So if you're looking for fast food, try this. It's relatively healthy, and is good for the buck. Details: Harvard Sq, Central Sq, Inman Sq, etc. $

Green St. - seasonal American/Caribbean inspired food. Honestly, it's great. You feel like you've walked into Brooklyn. One of my favorite places to go for cocktails, local beers, and great food. I'd go here over and over. Details: Cambridge, MA 4/5.

Orinoco - Venezuelan food with tons of vegetarian options. It's different, and delicious, and if you've never tried Arepas, I'd definitely, definitely recommend it. 

Area 4 in Kendall Sq. - Good pizza, better ambience. I'm not a huge fan of their salads which look amazing but were a little too salty for my preferences. The pizza is good (not great), but the ambience is wonderful, and they have a great selection of beers. I'd take friends there from out of town to catch up, sit near some huge window, and enjoy. 

Cafe Sushi in Central Sq. -- Vegetarian sushi that is fantastic at a relatively low price (for sushi). Their vegetarian bento box can definitely feed 2 and is only $18. 
The Vegetarian Bento Box at Cafe Sushi

Visit Provincetown in the off season- consider staying in Aerie House Inn. It's a fantastic bed and breakfast we've been going to for years during the off season. P-town is famous for it's summers, but it's winters are beautiful. It's quiet, there's a fire, and a delicious breakfast, all for a reasonable price. Details: Provincetown, MA. $$

Go Apple Picking - seasonal, but a great experience. Go with friends, get way too many apples. Nom on them, make apple pie, apple gallette, apple sauce, apple...butter? And make sure you get an apple cider doughnut! 

A movie at Somerville Theater in Davis Square - Great movies, and they even serve beer! Details: Davis Square, $

River Gods - funky bar, tucked in on River St on central sq. Affordable drinks, with a great ambiance. Great place to go with friends, downside, it gets packed fast. 

Havana Club - Salsa dancing! You can go on Fri/Sat at night, and they teach you for one hour, and then you can salsa the night away. Show up with friends, or stag -- it's fantastic! And you can go to Green St. restaurant for dinner before. Details: Cambridge, MA. Central Sq. 

Aeronaut Brewing Co. in Somerville, MA -- Brewery + bar all in one! You can get relatively inexpensive good beer, sit with your friends and play cards against humanity, and order pizza from outside and eat it there! They also usually have vendors inside the brewery that are selling food as well. Overall great place to go with friends for a fun, chill night. 

People's Republik in Central Sq -- It's a down to earth bar. You can watch the game, play darts, and they have a pretty good beer list as well. DOOO it. 

Shakespeare in the Park in Boston -- This year it was King Lear! And it's free! Every summer on the Commons, they do a play, and it's wonderful. You take a blanket, you sit outside, you bring your dinner or enjoy one of the local food trucks. It's a great way to get outside. 

Esalen Institute - Tucked away in the heart of Big Sur, CA is a place that is so beautiful and peaceful you want to never leave. Yoga, meditation, hot (clothing optional) springs, otters playing in the ocean, and amazing and healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner. It was amazing. Go there. Details: Big Sur, CA. 

Esalen, Winter 2014

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