Goal List

My recent post about goals...things I want to do, gave me the idea to make an entire page about it. So I can update it, and keep track of it. Let's give it a go, shall we?

Goals 2015 

Summer / Fall / Winter

1. Kayak on the charles
2. From now 8/22...let's try 15 more books for the year - 2 book down (The Secret History of Moscow, Queen of Shadows...finished ALL THE KATE DANIELS BOOKS...DONE AND DONE)
3. Join a book club (DONE AND DONE)
4. Go camping x 2...hopefully in New Hampshire. Or the Berkshires. - Otter River State Park
5. Paint something (DONE AND DONE...acrylic and love it)
6. Finish applications...that way I know I do AT LEAST one thing
7. Train my dog to do 1 new trick (ROLLOVER FOR THE WIN. Done and done) 
8. Run 2 miles at < 10 minute pace for each (DONE AND DONE)
9. Finish Insanity
10. Find and purchase my "fall tea" collection - DONE AND DONE, Caffeine Free Bengal Spice Celestial Tea. LOVE IT.
11. Perfect my banana bread recipe.
12.  White Mountain Hike.
13. Start posting weekly menus
14. Build a snowman (not enough snow yet...)
15. Post my hot chocolate recipe
16. Post a food video with a post

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