Sunday, November 4, 2012


So I thought my next post would be about food again. But sometimes things in life happen when you don't expect them.

Today I was reminded of my own mortality from the death of my husband's friend. She was in her mid-20s, in school, healthy, and the last person you'd expect to find out passed away.

Our lives are ephemeral. I am young, fit, and healthy--the probability game says yep, things are going to be fine for a while. And they most likely will be. But walking across the street, going taking the short cut home, or just not taking care of yourself and getting sick can just erase you from this world.

I went running today, and had a serious over-production of saliva, so I spit into the Charles from the bridge above. I could see it fall into the river, and stay there, then diffuse over about 30 seconds, and I thought it was very pretty. I got home and found out a friend had passed away, and oddly I thought of the spit.

We are here for a short while, probably 60-70 years, but who knows? My goal is to make sure I'm happy for those days, as many of them as I can. I cannot view my life as on hold simply because I'm in school, or I'm busy, or anything. Life has started, life is now, and I can't ever get that back.

I hope that she will rest in peace, that she had happy thoughts, and happy moments. That she loved and lived. She reminded me to live my life, and I hope hers was fan-fucking-tastic. RIP.

Friday, November 2, 2012

For the Sake of Truth Part 4: Krugman-style

So I had a post idea all set, and then I read the NYTimes, and Paul Krugman says it way better

If you don't want to read the article, here's the gist: 

1. Many on the conservative side are now trying to appeal to the logic that yes, President Obama did something good (didn't defund FEMA for one thing), but if he gets re-elected, do you think he'll be able to get anything done in this bipartisan congress? No. 

2. So based on that, you should vote for Romney! Because if dear Mittens takes office, well, the democrats are much more reasonable than the extremist Republicans in congress and wouldn' know, go through debt ceiling crisis round 2: how-crazy-can-we-get edition. But, the Republicans would be willing to work with President R. 

3. Also, do you really think he's going to be that extreme when he gets into office? Defunding Planned Parenthood? Giving FEMA "back to the states" silly! That's just what he says to get elected. What's he's going to do is totally different. Yeah, right. 

This isn't written with my typical poise, probably because I just got done studying for an exam and the poise fell out of my head when I shoved the hypogastric nerves in, but it's all true. And it doesn't make any sense. If you agree with Romney, vote for him (although I truly wish that you just sleep through election day), but don't go for the the "holding America hostage" argument--it's ridiculous and frankly embarrassing.