Monday, March 28, 2011

Cupcake Decorations...

I was in the weirdest mood yesterday starting after 7th period. Floopy. floopyfloopyfloopyfloopy. I taught my 8th period all the material...but I was sliding...literally sliding my feet across the floor instead of picking them up. During practice time...I sat in my rolly-chair and rolled to all my students.

Crazy me, crazy. 

But the bell rang, and I decided instead of doing the logical thing which is -- go home, let the poor dog out who hasn't been out to pee in 24 hours, make pizza, and eat most of it myself before Tyler gets home...I was going to go shopping...

To Michaels. To buy cake decorating stuff. I have to make some cupcakes for a late St. Patty's Day party I'm going I might as well get stuff to make them look pretty.

So I bought a bag of chips, went to Michaels.While nomming on my chips I realized I had no idea how to decorate cupcakes. So I whipped out my handy dandy phone and called my bestie S-...the queen of cupcakes. Surrrriously. She's the queen.

So here's what I learned: 

--You can pipe with a regular old ziplock bag if you buy the following:

--Pipping tips (99 cents at Michaels)
--Coupler Rings

Basically you just use the coupler rings in conjunction with the piping tips...and put the in a plastic bag that has a corner cut off...and it acts as a pipping bag! 

So after too many potato chips...I bought all the stuff I needed from Michaels, and you can see the product below!

Those are just my lime cupcakes...with green frosting on top...with green sprinkles and some coconut.

Ready for your close up?
My green goddesses
 Tasty goodness                                                                         

Aren't they pretty? Get the tips, they're worth it, and just practice. The first few came out looking...a little funny, but after that, beautiful -- next up: yellow with purple sprinkles on top of chocolate cupcakes! Hopefully these will look even prettier. 

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cupcake decorations said...

Well practice makes perfect as we all know,and there's always a room for improvement. Pink and brown is also a nice combination for cupcakes, it looks more yummy plus a white sprinkles.

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